Peak Mechanical Services Corp. is a proud member of the following organizations:

  • Local 537 Pipefitters Association of Boston
  • New England Mechanical Contrators
  • New England Mechanical Services Contractors Association
  • Sheet Metal Workers Local 17 Boston, MA
  • Local 12 Plumbers Boston, MA


At Peak Mechanical Services, providing a safe work environment for our employees, customers and the industry as a whole is at the “Peak” of our project planning.

In the current construction market, with deadlines and cost saving measures and expedited project schedules, safety is still the driving force for success of everyone involved.

All of the field personnel at Peak Mechanical Services are highly trained in both safe working practices of their assigned task as well as through an extensive OSHA training. This allows production to be maintained at a high level due to standard practices of “Tool Box Talks” and “Job Hazard Analysis” reviews that go over daily tasks both broad stroke and in detail fashion.

Prior to today’s construction projects, there are extensive pre-planning meetings with General Contractors, sub trades and Owners to discuss potential hazards to avoid and mitigation processes for those unforeseen issues that arise. Peak Mechanical Services Foreman and field staff take this information, incorporate it into the daily plan and “keep an eye out” for these scenarios for their own safety and that of the construction industry.

Safety is at the “Peak” of success.

Safety Awards & Recognition

  • 2022 Highwire Safety Award Badge

    2022 Highwire Safety Award

  • Gold Safety Award - ConstuctSecure Badge

    Gold Safety Award - ConstuctSecure

Safety Record

  • 2020 EMR rating: .87
  • 2019 EMR rating: .94
  • 2018 EMR rating: .84
  • Zero OSHEA fines
  • ZERO loss of hours due to injury at work.

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