Boston Boiler Maintenance | Boston Cooling Maintenance Construction and Service projects consist of a wide range of systems in the HVAC industry. At any time, Peak Mechanical Services Corp can be called upon to install New air conditioning systems or troubleshoot and maintain an existing system, either refrigerant or water-based or install a New boiler plant and heating system. These systems can vary in mechanical process from black welded pipe; black threaded pipe; mechanical joint (grooved) pipe; brazed, soldered or Pro-pressed copper. Peak Mechanical Service Corps. labor is a highly trained, knowledgeable and professional group of mechanics and technicians affiliated with Pipefitters Local Union #537, Boston MA.

  • Service Projects
    - New Air Conditioning System Installations
    - Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • Construction Projects
    - Boiler Replacement and Installations
    - Boiler Maintenance
    - Install both “wet” and “dry” HVAC systems
  • Welding Projects
    - Licensed Welders
  • Piping Projects
    - Licensed Pipefitters


  • Boston HVAC
  • Boston HVAC
  • Boston HVAC

What people are saying about us.

My experience in working with the staff from Peak Mechanical has been very positive … The technicians working in my buildings have been extremely professional and consistent and show pride and responsibility for their work.

Peak was instrumental with spearheading stringent overhead coordination and completing all required work in timely fashion with professionalism. The client and landlord were pleasantly pleased with tie-in and minimal disruption.

I personally have enjoyed my experience working with Peak Mechanical and its team. I know this must not have been the easiest project to work on but it was nice to work with people who are very knowledgeable about what they do and are easy to get along with!

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